Why I'm Running

I’m running for Mayor because I love Hawai‘i Island and its people, and I want a better future for our next generation and the generations after that. Over the last 8 years as the elected prosecuting attorney, I’ve had a look behind the curtains of government and seen a lot of problems - many of which have been there for years and have been kicked down the road. I’m running for mayor to meet today’s challenges for a better tomorrow. As an attorney, division head, and trained problem solver, I have the unique skills and experience that will help us find solutions and make Hawaiʻi Island’s future brighter. My philosophy has always been to treat people the way you would want your family members treated: with dignity and respect. This is the way I live my life, raised my kids, and led the Hawai‘i County Prosecutor's office. This is the culture I intend to create in the county as Mayor. 


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